Tekniska Talent Day

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Talent event with a twist

Together with our partners Ericsson, NIBE, Sandvik and Stora Enso, the National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska) invite you to a talent experience event with a twist. Welcome 25 January 2024!

Looking for a career in innovation for a sustainable future?

Tekniska Talent Day provide an amazing alternative to traditional recruitment and career events. We give you the opportunity to meet with the companies’ real doers who will share their own personal stories. Experience what it is like to work in the pursuit of a sustainable future with some of the world’s most innovative companies.

During the day, you will participate in sessions run by our partners, meet and greet with some of the company stars and find out all about career opportunities at each company.

The Tekniska Talent Day is for students in their final year of their master’s in engineering or computer and systems sciences.

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11.30-12.00 Students registration 

 12.00 A lighter lunch is served 

 12.15-12.50 Intro 

  • Paulina Modlitba, moderator of the event 
  • Peter Skogh, Museum director 
  • The moderator introduces the companies on stage – a short presentation of the company sessions​. 
  • The students are divided into four groups 

13.00-14.50 Session 1 and 2 

15.00-15.30 Coffee break and keynote speaker: Nicklas Hermansson​ 

15.30-15.50 Open Space – a journey through space in 3D in the dome theatre Wisdome Stockholm 

16.00-17.50 Sessions 3 and 4 

18.00-18.30 The moderator wraps up the day together with a company panel. Questions from the students will be collected throughout the day 

18.30 Dinner buffet and mingle​ 

20.00-22.00 All students and companies are welcome to continue conversations and explore the museum. 


Experience four diverse sessions paths, each dedicated to innovation for a sustainable future. Dive deep into discussions, hands-on activities, and real-world challenges. 

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Lisa Boberg, Ericsson

Head of Talent Acauisition BTEB. 

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Evelin Kängsepp, Ericsson

Change Lead Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 – Enabling future manufacturing and financial inclusion.

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Trainees at NIBE

A humble revolution for a sustainable future. World-class sustainable energy solutions have been our passion for more than 70 years. In this session, the NIBE trinees invites to a conversation about the humble heat pump as part of the solution to the climate crisis. 

Porträttbild på Mats Lundberg från Sandvik

Mats W Lundberg, Sandvik

Head of Sustainability.

Creating a responsible world and ensure business success. The field of sustainability is evolving. It is becoming more mature with new legislation and increasing customer, shareholder, and employee expectations. Corporations need to evolve with it and meet the new demands. 

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Stora Enso

Forests play a central role in combatting climate change so how do we make sure we take care of them? And can anything that’s made of fossil-based materials today be made from a tree tomorrow? We believe so! This day we will show you one innovative area – building solutions – and let you experience it live. We will take you on the journey “from tree to Wisdome. 

Event highlights

Kvinna med armarna i kors tittar rakt in i kameran


The event will be moderated by Paulina Modlitba, guiding you through the day’s exciting activities and discussions.

Paulina is an expert in digital business development with degrees from KTH and MIT Media Lab, with expertise in human-machine interaction. 


Delad bild som till höger visar en fluga och till vänster visar en astronaut.

Keynote speaker


Voices from last year:

It was great fun! Getting to know new people and network with very cool companies.

Being able to talk to the people from the companies in a more intimate way and get a deeper understanding of how things work at those companies and what you can do.

Very hard to choose, it was all really great. The sessions, inspirational talk, or maybe the dinner when you could talk to the other students and companies.

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Join us on January 25, 2024, and embark on a transformative journey towards innovation and sustainability. See you at Tekniska Talent Day! 


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