The Forest

Beautiful, enchanting, cleansing and mystical. Most of us have something particular in mind when we think of the forest.

The Forest
digitalt projeciering av människoskelett som visas på en digital skärm

Hyper Human

Explore AI, genome editing, artificial body parts and the ethical issues that arise.

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Play Beyond Play

Enter the world of computer games. Play Beyond Play is a complete experience featuring game stations and imaginative game environments.

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Opening hours

Today wednesday 17 july
Open 10-22

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Free entry for children 0–6 yrs

From 7 yrs: SEK 170

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Discover the world in 3D

With immersive 3D in 360°, we take you further away, deeper down and more close-up than you have ever been before. At Wisdome Stockholm, difficult challenges and complex situations are transformed into breathtaking experiences.

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Breathtaking experiences

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Making Magic 3D – A visual effect story

In the magical world of visual effects, anything can happen. Making Magic tells the story of how programming code is transformed into unbelievable adventures in films and video games, and how they are affected by the natural laws that govern the real world. Join us on an exciting journey and discover how effects are made – from equations to explosions.

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STORT 3D – A cosmic journey through time and space

In the STORT dome show, we embark on a journey further out into space than any human has ever been. Everything that we see on this journey is based on genuine data that has been collected as a result of mankind’s technical advances and many years of research. Join us on the journey, starting in our own solar system and heading all the way out to the Big Bang.

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OpenSpace: An interactive space adventure for the whole family

Our space pilot takes you and your whole family on an adventure that takes you away from the Earth, past the Moon and out to other celestial bodies, both within and beyond our solar system, learning more about mankind’s research into the Universe.

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digitalt projeciering av människoskelett som visas på en digital skärm


Find out what exhibitions are currently on at the National Museum of Science and Technology for the whole family to explore.

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Hours and admission

Here you will find information about our opening hours, entrance fees and how to buy tickets.

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Last updated 16 July 2024.