About MegaMind

Ideas are the answer to all questions and the solution to all problems. Without people who turn their ingenious ideas into reality, we would not have mobile phones, Minecraft or microscopes.

But the question is: How do you get a good idea? Here you can experience how it happens. You can also train your brain to become even more creative.


All ideas start with some kind of sensory impression. Everything we see, hear and feel becomes material for ideas. Sort of like ingredients when you cook or bake. A person might have super-hearing, another person is really good at sensing smells and a third might have vision as sharp as an eagle. If you work together, you can collect even better material.


To be able to make something out of your impressions, your brain must first understand and sort them. Then your brain connects the new things with things that you already know. It’s a bit like baking a cake without a recipe. You mix all the ingredients together and bake your creation in the oven. Where things happen all by themselves and you can’t entirely control how things will turn out.


The result will be your thoughts and ideas. It might sound like magic, but your smart brain takes care of it all. It all starts with a problem, then your brain connects what you already know with these new impressions and hey presto! you’ve got an idea and the beginning of a solution! Here, you can use your ideas to build, figure things out and create.


A good idea can be the spark for something really big, cool and important. But in that case, it can’t just stay in your head. Here, you can learn about other creative people and see what they did with their ideas. Check out their clever solutions and think about what problems you might like to solve now and in the future.


Why wait? Take your best ideas, build a model, take it apart, and then do it all over again. Try out new solutions or make an old solution even better. There are labs here where anyone who wants to can build things, take things apart, package and program. And there are also tips and help for anyone who wants to make their idea a reality. We show how it can be turned into something good that many people need.

TheFuture Labs are key parts of MegaMind and comprises three labs on different themes. The labs are open to all on weekends and during school holidays, but at other times bookings are required.

Last updated 7 December 2021.