Previous exhibitions

Listed below is a selection of previous exhibitions at the National museum of Science and Technology.


The Anthropocene took us to places that we are all responsible for but that we otherwise rarely see. From concrete embankments covering 60% of China’s coast, the world’s largest excavators in a German open pit and calcium carbonate mines in Russia’s Ural Mountains, to the devastation of Canadian primeval forest, an Italian marble quarry and one of the world’s largest landfills in Dandora, Kenya.


Cino4 was Sweden’s first 4D cinema and for many years it was one of the most popular attractions at the National Museum of Science and Technology. From 15 June 2016 the cinema is closed as the technology became outdated.

A warped World

The exhibition A warped world took the visitor to a world of large and small, showing miniatures, art and nanotechnology.

Sweat and Corsets

Today, working out and taking exercise has become a way of life. Pictures from the gym, from races and fun-runs, of personal trainers and exercise retreats now fill the timelines and news-feeds of social media. But the way in which we exercise also reflects the development of technology.

Gaming Art

Gaming Art is an annual exhibition displaying gamers tribute to the world of video games. Paintings, embroideries, perler beads and other crative interpretations show our most popular game heroes, as you have never seen them before.

Digital Revolution

With the help of technology, visitors became a part of the exhibition, where they could explore how art, music, film and video games have been inspired by, and continue to be developed by the use of, digital technology. A revolutionary journey from the first personal computers and simple video games of the 1970s, into the future.

A design classic turns 100 – the Coca-Cola® bottle in Swedish history

An exhibition about the design behind one of the world’s best-known brands – and how a Swede from Kungälv played an important role in the iconic bottle’s design.


Test your senses, your capacity and try out a range of various sports. Challenge yourself or your friends in Sports.

Game On 2.0 – the world’s largest exhibition of computer games

Game On 2.0 is the popular exhibition which has attracted millions of visitors to museums and science centres around the world. Featuring more than 100 playable games, original sketches, rare collector’s items and background stories, this is the world’s largest and most comprehensive exhibition devoted to computer games.

The Inventions of Women

The Inventions of Women has more than 30 new exhibits and a general make-over. On display are over 80 inventions, all made by women.

Inspiration Imitation – on innovation, creativity and imitation

What´s the difference between inspiration and imitation? How do you protect your ideas? How do you tell an original from a copy?

Italia del Futuro

This exhibition showed Italian inventions within the fields of robotics, particle physics and much more.

Beloved Telephone

Famous Swedish telephones in an exhibition showing various aspects that have had an impact on the shape and design of the telephone over time.

Ferrum – Swedish Iron and Steel through the Ages

Take a wander through the history of iron in Sweden – from prehistoric iron production to today’s high-tech steel making processes.

Game Art

Game Art is an art exhibition that celebrates the computer and video games culture. The Swedish Computer Museum, IT ceum, has collected art from primarily Swedish and Nordic designers, but also work from selected international artists. On display is art that will attract and challenge both gamers and the traditional art audience.

Now, then, comm

An exhibition about the development of information technology from its infancy to the present day.

NASA – A Human Adventure

This 2,000 sqm exhibition included over 400 original items or replicas including space capsules, engines, space suits, telescopes and satellites, many of which had never been shown Before.

Christopher Polhem

This exhibition about Christopher Polhem was on display at the museum until August 2011. In December 2011 a new exhibition about the inventor, Christopher Polhem – back to the future, opened.

Mechanical Workshop

The Mechanical Workshop showed a workshop environment from the end of the 19th century. On display at the museum until August 2011.

An Adventure in Space

Visit our exhibition on the International Space Station, ISS. Come and feel what it´s like to be an astronaut for a day.

The Machine Hall

Go on a journey of discovery among bicycles, cars, aeroplanes and steam Engines.


Stories about pioneer aviators and their planes was on display in this exhibition that marked the 100th anniversary of flight in Sweden.

Abandoned places

Around Sweden there are now plenty of abandoned sites, deserted workshops, crumbling industrial facilities, and abandoned houses, petrol stations, playgrounds and holiday villages. In his images, Jan Jörnmark shows how globalisation and the rapid growth of digital technology are changing the very look of the landscape.

Last updated 11 January 2022.