On the museum's lower floor, you will find both the museum's oldest exhibition but also an exciting environment for all little curious children with a desire to discover.

History and innvoation

Play and learn

You'll automatically access plane 0 when you enter through the main entrance. On this plane you'll find five popular exhibitions and also Wisdome Stockholm, the arena wehere difficult challenges and complex situations are transformed into breathtaking experiences.

Playful math


City of the future

Wisdome Stockholm

Rise of the automobile society

Experience and explore

On the museum's first floor, you will find four exhibitions that reflect and question our society, challenge our perspective and show the technology and innovation of the time, but also shed light on future challenges and sustainable solutions.
Hyper Human

Man and machine

Tech or art?

Ågesta nuclear plant

A connected world

The museum's second floor is entirely dedicated to the gaming world. It's a 1,000 square meter floor dedicated to every type of gaming experience you can imagine, combined with the history and evolution of gaming development.