About us

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Innovative drive for a sustainable future. 

Welcome to the National Museum of Science and Technology – a museum and an arena for science, innovation and enterprise.

From the very start in 1924, we have looked to the future and shown how an inquisitive nature, creativity and boundary-transcending collaboration can help us to resolve many of the seemingly impossible challenges that we face. Now, just as 100 years ago, we find ourselves in a period of great upheaval with major challenges. It is our ambition to inspire people to become engaged not only in their own but also in our shared future. Today, we are a museum that is open and accessible, across several sites, and we are engaged in work and activities where combinations of technology, art, research and innovation provide perspectives that make our complex world easier to understand, and that we hope will provide insight and a desire to take action.

More than just a museum

The National Museum of Science and Technology has evolved to become something much more than just a museum. We are a premises of 12,000 m2 packed with experiences, located in Royal Djurgården, in the National City Park in the heart of Stockholm. We are a mobile enterprise that tours all around the country, visiting shopping centres and schools, and reaching out to socio-economically vulnerable areas. We are an arena for immersive experiences and scientific theatre, a stage and a learning environment in the heart of Sweden’s new life-science cluster in Hagastaden, and with a globally unique collection of artefacts, archives and images of scientific and technological value that help us to understand the world in which we live, as well as how we got to where we are now. Join us on a tour of the National Museum of Science and Technology, which over the past 100 years has become something so much more than just a museum.

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National Museum of Science and Technology, Djurgården, Stockholm 

Located in Stockholm’s Royal Djurgården, the museum is filled with experiences relating to the vital issues of the future and the major innovations of the past. The museum is open for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week – with just a few exceptions. The museum provides visitors of all ages with fascinating insights and moments of inspiration. It is unquestionably a favourite destination for children and adults alike, with more than 12,000 m2 of inspiring experiences, exhibitions, forums for debate, educational courses and programmed activities. Discover what the museum has to offer here. 

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Wisdome Stockholm – an experience-based arena for science 

The museum’s inner courtyard is home to Wisdome Stockholm – the new arena for experiences and the theatre of science. It is an international architectural landmark that tests the boundaries of what is possible when building with wood, and features world-leading visualisation technology that takes you further away, further up close, and to greater depths than you’ve ever been before. The immersive 3D visualisations and interactive software help to create completely new ways of experiencing science. Find out more about Wisdome Stockholm here.  

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The Cell, Hagaplan 1 

Stockholm’s new Hagastaden district is becoming the focal point for some of the world’s most eminent actors in the field of life science. At the heart of this cluster is Forskaren, which represents a meeting place where academia, industry, research and the public can come together. On the ground floor of Forskaren, the National Museum of Science and Technology, in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet, plans to offer exhibitions, laboratories, and encounters with prominent figures in the field of life science. The Cell will open in spring 2024. Find out more here.

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Tekniska on Tour

We take our role as a national museum seriously, and have been conducting our touring operations since 2017. As part of the Tekniska on Tour initiative, our mobile teams and dedicated educators travel to schools and other venues to share the latest technology, educational material and exhibitions with people in other parts of the country. This makes it possible for us to reach out to groups that would otherwise find it difficult to reach us.

Our Charter

The National Museum of Science and Technology has a national charter to preserve our technological and industrial history as part of our cultural heritage.

The galleries cover around 10,000 m2 and the Museum attracts more than 300,000 visitors every year.

The Museum’s charter comes from two directions: the Foundation in the form of its articles of association, and the Swedish state in the form of the appropriation directions from Sweden’s Ministry of Culture. These conflate with and complement each other.

Awards and nominations

  • Swedish Design Awards 2023.
  • Winner of Silverhjulet 2019.
  • Winner of St. Julianpriset 2018.
  • The Children in Museums Award 2017.
  • The Ecsite Strategic Partnership Award and the Swedish Arts and Business Awards.
  • Nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award 2017. Swedish Museum of the Year 2016.

Appropriation directions

The goal is to preserve our cultural heritage. The National Museum of Science and Technology aims to develop and communicate knowledge about and experiences of our cultural heritage and thereby provide perspective on societal development.

The Foundation’s articles of association

The charter of the Museum is to shed light on development within the engineering arts and their basic sciences and within industry. Within these fields, the Museum is to both pursue and promote scientific research and documentation, and to conduct educational and information activities.

Last updated 7 November 2023.