Dockor med gamla verktyg i gruvmiljö från förra sekelskiftet

The Mine

The Mine was one of our very first exhibitions and has always been one of the most popular attractions at the museum. It has recently been undergoing a major makeover with many new and exciting things to experience as you follow the old mining tracks, and we’ve also added a brand-new area featuring modern mining environments. Test out simulators, games, explosives and powerful machines.

The Mine is a permanent exhibition at the National Museum of Science and Technology.

The Mine has recently been undergoing a major makeover – as well as been given a new appearance, realistic models of miners and atmospheric lighting, the old walkways has been filled with new surprises, special effects and other exciting features. There is also an entirely new area with modern mining environments, where we you can interact with simulators, games, explosives and powerful machines.

The cramped, dark mining passages take us on a journey through time, allowing us to explore what it was like to work underground in different periods of history.

In the new part of the exhibition, the story of mining continues to the present day, and we see how what was once a very dangerous place to work now has more in common with a modern workplace in an office building. We also get to meet the miners of today, detonate explosives, ride a bus deep underground, and try our hand at operating a drill and loading simulator.

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Lars Paulsson


+46 8 450 56 81


Last updated 6 July 2017.