Konceptskiss för utställningen Zero City

Zero City

Zero City is an interactive and challenging exhibition, covering 1,200 square metres, where visitors will come together to plan the transportation of people and goods in the fossil-free city of tomorrow, in order to achieve climate goals.

Zero City will open at Tekniska Museet in February 2022.

The challenge of the exhibition will be to create a city where fossil-fuelled cars have disappeared, where there has been a drastic reduction in the need for transportation, and where everything people need is within easy reach. A city where people can walk and cycle in both comfort and safety, where they can use efficient public transport, and where they can travel using shared and self-driving vehicles powered by electricity and renewable fuel. It is a city that is safer, quieter and cleaner, and where spaces that are presently dedicated for cars can have alternative uses.

Explore areas such as the port, power station, shopping street, side street and piazza, and encounter other aspects of how we can plan the city of tomorrow that is both climate-smart and pleasant to live in.

European collaboration

The Zero City exhibition is Tekniska Museet’s contribution to a consortium that includes the DASA Working World Exhibition in Dortmund, the Vienna Museum of Science and Technology, and Parque del las Ciencias in Granada. The idea is that each will produce their own exhibitions on the theme of sustainability, which will then tour between the various institutions.


Thank you to our main partner Ericsson, and our sustainability partner NIBE.

Last updated 28 October 2021.