En del av restaurangen med en hängande glaskruka med växter i förgrunden
Fantasifulla tapeter i bakgrunden och barbord med stolar
Barn i kockmössor och -rockar i restaurangen

Eat and drink

Tekniska by Pontus is the museum's restaurant run by the well-renowned restaurateur Pontus Frithiof together with Nordrest.

Pontus Frithiof and co-workers present a modern food concept where future, innovation and sustainability are the starting points, which together with the playful environment will be a unique experience for the whole family.

The dishes are chosen with care based on fresh produce that are in season. The base is vegetarian, cooked with lots of love and exciting taste experiences. For those who like fish or meat, it is also available on the menu.


Lunch is served at 11 am – 2.30 pm daily.

You can mix between the courses, so that for example you can have potatoe pure with today’s fish or meat. (Children’s prices in brackets.)

Vegan buffet: SEK 100 (75)
Meal of the day, fish: SEK 100kr (75)
Meal of the day, meat: SEK 100kr (75)
Moose meatballs with potato pure, cream sauce and lingon berries: SEK 175 (95)
Vegan Pasta Bolognese: SEK 85 (65)
Shrimp sandwich: SEK 165

Small pancakes with condiments: (SEK 75)


The restaurant has the same opening hours as the rest of the museum. Coffee/the, cold drinks, cakes and bisquits are served all day together with sandwiches.

Picnic facilitets

There is a picnic room available at the museum for those who wish to bring their own refreshments.

Last updated 26 September 2018.