Den stora hallen fylld med innovationer som bilar och flygplan

100 innovations

The “100 Innovations” exhibition showcases the most important innovations in history as rated by the Swedish people. But you can make your voice heard by voting for your favorite.

We put the Swedish people to the task of singling out the 100 most important innovations of all time. In statistically significant studies, adults and Year 6 pupils were asked to cast their votes for the most important inventions in history. The people´s choices were displayed in an exhibition that visualized innovations in new and exciting ways.

Alongside familiar old favourites are the next generation of innovations. Innovations that were still on the drawing board, in the boardroom, or as nothing more than a clever idea jotted down on a crumpled napkin.  By enticing the innate curiosity of the visitors, the exhibition encouraged creativity, problem solving and an interest in entrepreneurship.

See all 100 innovations and read more about them (in Swedish)


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Last updated 7 December 2021.