Interactives in MegaMind

Of course the best thing to do is come and visit MegaMind and try out all the interactives for yourself. But just to get you started, here is a taste of what you’ll find there.

Interactive Climbing wall

This is a climbing wall where you play computer games with your entire body. You can play yourself or with a friend. Try games such as Whack a bat and the classic Pong computer game – where you bounce a ball to the opponent whilst climbing up and down along the climbing wall. Fun and challenging for all ages.

Mould in thin air

Have you ever played with clay, or maybe even tried throwing a pot on a pottery wheel? This is a high-tech version of that, but without the sticky mess. Mould in thin air has been developed in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and with the support of Innovativ Kultur, a resource centre for art and cultural Projects.

Paint with your eyes

This computer senses where you are looking. You control the computer with your gaze and that’s how you can paint with your eyes. You guide the drawing tool on the screen by moving your Eyes. Paint with your eyes has been developed in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Satellite orbit

When you drive the satellite, your brain is working hard so that your hands and feet do the right things in the right order. When you exercise your brain, you become even more creative. If you keep it up, you might just end up inventing the satellites of the future.

Rest to get smarter

Have you noticed that new ideas often pop into your head just when you are about to fall asleep? It’s because your brain needs rest to be able to process all you have seen, heard and felt. Rest to get smarter in MegaMind gives you just the right amount of sensory inputs. Rest to get smarter was developed with the support of the Swedish State Inheritance Fund.

Music with your whole body

It’s a musical instrument and a sculpture. With it, you can make music that you can hear, feel and see. Use your creativity to combine the sounds into music. If you like, you can do this in a group too. Developed in cooperation with Håkan Lidbo and with the support of the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency.

The dizzy bridge

It’s a tunnel that fools your senses and makes you dizzy. Walk across the bridge inside the tunnel and feel what happens to your balance. Keep hold of the handrail if you need to. Why do you think it feels like you are spinning around? Try closing your eyes for a moment. What does it feel like then?

See with other eyes

Here, you can try seeing the world through some other creature’s eyes. How does a cat see in the dark? How does a fly see you when you’re approaching from almost any direction? Or what does the world look like to someone who is colour blind? In MegaMind, you can find out these things for yourself and much, much more!

Last updated 7 December 2021.