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The Hyper Human exhibition.

AI-designade pelare i utställningen Hyper Human

Hyper Human

What happens when technology makes it possible for us to design our children using genome editing? Where is the distinction between man and machine when we are able to enhance and replace body parts? Who is in control when we allow artificial intelligence to make decisions in crucial life choices?

Explore these questions and more in our new exhibition Hyper Human.

Ung tjej står framför skärm som reflekterar ljuset på hennes ansikte.

The increasingly rapid development of technology also requires that we pause for a moment and take the opportunity to review and understand what is going on. We all need to be involved in deciding what kind of future we want. This is not just about what is technically possible; it is also about what is right from an ethical standpoint – for example, including questions of equality, sustainability and justice.

With an immersive experience that arouses curiosity, poses questions and fascinates, the Hyper Human exhibition illustrates some of the challenges that we face as a result of technological developments. But above all it inspires a sense of hope and engagement in questions concerning how technology can make it possible for a greater number of people to have a greater quality of life.

Hyper Human combines a historical perspective with an analysis of the present and thoughts on the future. It features a musculature model from the 1700s, prosthetic eyes from the 1800s, intelligent supercomputers from the 1980s, and visions of the future drawn from both popular culture and science.

Visitors to the exhibition will be challenged by a range of different ethical questions, where there are consequences to every response.

Hyper Human addresses five areas where technology is becoming an increasingly important part of humanity:

  • Enhancement and replacement of body parts
  • Genome editing
  • Surveillance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Ageing and death


Thanks to our official partner Ericsson and innovations partner Sandvik.

Ericsson med symbolen de tre sneda strecken

Sandviks i blått med blå ram

Last updated 26 April 2022.