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Wisdome Stockholm

Get ready to explore the world in a completely new way!

In the courtyard of Tekniska Museet, Wisdome Stockholm is currently taking shape. On the outside, a spectacular building that tests the boundaries of technological possibility; on the inside, world-leading technology that takes you further away, further up close, and to greater depths than you’ve ever been before.

The focal point is the globe-shaped wooden dome. Inside the dome you will be completely immersed in 360° projections in 3D, surrounding you from all directions. World-leading visualisation technology helps to create completely new ways of experiencing science. Enormous amounts of data can be processed and recreated in the form of clear relationships and models that are easy to understand. Here, space becomes an interactive adventure where it is you who decides where we are travelling to, while also providing the opportunity to explore the latest research in the fields of the microcosmos, the climate and digital superpowers.

Wisdome Stockholm will open to the public in December, but by the end of October, all annual pass members will have a unique opportunity to visit Wisdome Stockholm before the general public. Buy an annual pass today and be among the first to visit Wisdome Stockholm. 

The world is complex, but we make it understandable

At Wisdome Stockholm, difficult challenges and complex situations are converted into breathtaking experiences. The use of cutting-edge visualisation technology makes it possible to provide new perspectives on important issues, and to make complicated matters both more fun and easier to understand.

We are faced with major challenges with regard to the climate, sustainability, inclusivity and the supply of skills. These need to be addressed by new ideas, new innovations and new generations of problem-solvers. However, the issues facing us are difficult to take in and comprehend, and it can be hard for people to see their own role as part of the solution.

Wisdome Stockholm is a meeting place for academia, schools, business and industry, and inquisitive museum visitors of all ages.

What is visualisation technology?

Professor Anders Ynnerman explains (in swedish):


World-class architecture

The architectural firm Elding Oscarson has designed a building that challenges and tests the properties of the materials and the construction. The roof comprises a billowing checked pattern with five layers of wooden beams that reach a span of 48 metres – entirely without any supporting columns. This involves around 20 kilometres of LVL wood that has been supplied by Stora Enso and then bent and customised with exact precision.

Building with wood brings new opportunities in the form of a reduction in transport, a quieter construction process and a more pleasant environment. Above all, it is more climate-smart, which is why wooden material has such an important role to play in the development of the sustainable construction industry of the future. Wisdome Stockholm will represent a challenging point of reference that tests the boundaries of possibility for what can be built using wood.

Collaborations and funding

Wisdome Stockholm is financed with Stora Enso as the main partner for the project and NIBE as the sustainability partner and Ericsson as the main partner for the entire Tekniska. The implementation is possible thanks to support from the Wallenberg Foundations, Teknikföretagen, the Erling-Persson Family Foundation and the Stora Fonden.

A national initiative

Wisdome builds upon the world-leading research within visualisation technology that is being conducted by Norrköping’s Visualiseringscenter C and Linköping University. Funding from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has now made it possible for this to be scaled up and become a national initiative.

The Wisdome project is based upon a collaboration between Sweden’s five leading science centres – Malmö Museum, Universeum in Gothenburg, Curiosum in Umeå, Tekniska Museet in Stockholm, and Visualiseringscenter C in Norrköping – with Visualiseringscenter C forming the hub of the project. The project also incorporates the involvement of more than ten universities and research facilities working with research, technology, application and didactics.

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Last updated 28 November 2023.