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Find out what exhibitions are currently on at the National Museum of Science and Technology for the whole family to explore.
Zero City is an interactive and challenging exhibition, covering 1,200 square metres, where visitors will come together to plan a fossil-free city of tomorrow, in order to achieve climate goals.
Kvinna och barn i rullstol framför interaktiv skärm
MegaMind is a place where you experiment your way to new smart ideas. Ideas are the answers to all questions and the solution to every problem.
In the Hyper Human exhibition, we explore AI, genome editing, artificial body parts and the dream of eternal life as well as the ethical issues that arise.
The Mathematical Garden is the National Museum of Science and Technology’s new playground, where the world of maths can be explored through play.
Modelltåg susar ut ur tunnel
The museum´s unique model railway that was built in the early 1950s. The trains drive through a realistic landscape on more than 50 meters of track.
Mom, dad and two kids sitting around the table in Tekniskas restaurant.
A modern food concept where future, innovation and sustainability are the starting points. A unique experience for the whole family.
Book your next event, conference or after work at Tekniska. Here, both the grand event as well as the one-day conference gets a boost.

Last updated 24 July 2023.