Flicka kommer ut genom roterande tunnel.
Den färgglada hinderbanan i MegaMind.
Pojke kikar fram bakom spegeglpelare
Barn bygger med block


MegaMind is a place where you experiment your way to new smart ideas. Ideas are the answers to all questions and the solution to every problem.

But how do you come up with a good idea? In MegaMind, you explore how it all works and how you can train your brain to become even more creative. Paint with your eyes, make virtual sculptures or create music using the power of thought – and other things you didn’t think were possible!

MegaMind has close to 50 stations for you to explore. At each of one of these, there are digital signs to tell you what is happening at the station. This information is available in English.

◾Text for the vision-impaired (larger text with sharper contrast and easy sound navigation).


Mariana Back


+46 8 450 57 57


Last updated 16 January 2017.