Game On 2.0 – the world’s largest exhibition of computer games

Game On 2.0 is the popular exhibition which has attracted millions of visitors to museums and science centres around the world. Featuring more than 100 playable games, original sketches, rare collector’s items and background stories, this is the world’s largest and most comprehensive exhibition devoted to computer games.

25 October 2013 – 28 September 2014

Game On 2.0 features a broad range of games including early arcade games such as Donkey Kong, Pacman and Space Invaders; recent classics such as The Sims, Halo, and World of Warcraft; best-sellers such as Tetris, Lemmings and Mario Kart; and the biggest games in the respective categories of fighting, racing, action, adventure, puzzle, simulators and multi-player games.

For the youngest visitors, there is a specially-devoted room featuring games such as Bob the Builder and Pokémon, as well as child-friendly retro-games on Atari consoles.

Last updated 25 July 2023.