Game Art

Game Art is an art exhibition that celebrates the computer and video games culture. The Swedish Computer Museum, IT ceum, has collected art from primarily Swedish and Nordic designers, but also work from selected international artists. On display is art that will attract and challenge both gamers and the traditional art audience.

Displayed at the National Museum of Science and Technology 2 – 21 February 2013

As computer games have become an established form of entertainment, there has gradually been a change in the game’s cultural value. Not least thanks to a younger generation of creators and artists inspired by the form of culture they grew up with – video games.

In the Game Art exhibition you will find paintings, illustrations, interactive art games, crafts and installations all of which have a connection to computer games.

Game Art is a travelling exhibition touring in Sweden during 2013 – 2014. First stop is the National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm.

Last updated 25 July 2023.