Stories about pioneer aviators and their planes was on display in this exhibition that marked the 100th anniversary of flight in Sweden.

The exhibition closed on November 2010.

In 2010 flight turned 100 years in Sweden. This exhibition showed aviation then, now and in the future.

How is it possible to fly? How did it all begin? How will we fly in the future? Is flying damaging to the environment? We´ve based the exhibition Aeroplane! on the kinds of questions children ask about flying and aircraft.

Aeroplanes! is an interactive exhibition where you get to have fun and learn more about aviation.

The exhibition has three modules, each with films, games and challenges where children and adults can find out more about flying. One of its features is a flight simulator designed for small children — but just as much fun for adults — that lets you experience what it’s like to fly over Stockholm. The exhibition also includes a small aeroplane that children can sit in and feel the wind when they pull on the joystick

Last updated 7 December 2021.