Beloved Telephone

Famous Swedish telephones in an exhibition showing various aspects that have had an impact on the shape and design of the telephone over time.

Swedish telephones developed a worldwide reputation very early on. A Swedish telephone was a design that united the quality of the technical design with aesthetic appeal and functional design. This concept has made Swedish telephones both successful and acclaimed export products.

In the National Museum of Science and Technology´s collection of telephones, Sweden has a collection that in its range and scope and quality is unique in the world. It is thus in the interests of both the nation and the international community to have this cultural treasure-trove on display.

With some internationally acclaimed Swedish telephone models from LM Ericsson as the starting point, our aim has been to show how various factors have influenced the technical design, and how these factors have had an impact on the shape and design of the telephone as a user device, from an historical point of view.

The exhibition is based on a research project on the design of the telephone, a previously unresearched area, which will also result in a book.

Last updated 25 July 2023.