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Welcome to The Forest

Beautiful, enchanting, cleansing and mystical. Most of us have something particular in mind when we think of the forest.

In our new experience, you will walk along trails that snake through the trees and pass over undulating terrain. Sit down in a quiet spot, listen to the music of the forest and watch the sun set over the lake. The Forest at the National Museum of Science and Technology is a place for experiences, for reflection and to just be. It is also a thought-provoking tale that asks questions and provides perspectives on how we can enable the forest to meet all the needs that we demand of it.

Skogbild som visar hur trädens rötter och buskar.

The Forest

The exhibition explores our relationship with the forest. It takes you on a journey through seven different themes. From life in the forest and the benefits provided by trees, and the relationship between people’s well-being and the forest, to how we use it and the products that are made from the wood. All of this is tied to four different concepts: value, ownership, time and innovation.


Discover our exciting programme, with offerings that stimulate thought and engagement regarding the future of our forests. From inspirational presentations about the forest and the possibilities provided by wood, to interactive debates and artistic endeavours.

Närbild på bark

Discussion and debate

Get to the heart of the important issues concerning the future of our forests in our discussions and debates. Listen to familiar voices and experts as they discuss the role played by the forests in the climate emergency, biodiversity and the societal transition. Get involved and take part in open discussions that open up new ways of thinking and new solutions.

Foto: Aitor Lamadrid

Närbild på en grön mossa med några frö som sticker upp bland mossan.

Guided presentations

Join us on an exciting journey through The Forest with our guided presentations. Allow yourself to be inspired by the diversity and the opportunities for change provided by the forest. You will also have the chance to explore The Forest for yourself – ideal for teachers and anyone who would like to further investigate the exhibition at their own pace.

Foto: Envato

Grön skoga och närbild på träd i dagsljus.

Opens 18 may