Masspublik av unga studenter som kollar på ett band som spelar live

Foto: Anthony Delanoix

Student night – live music with Femme Fatale Selection and Brenda El Reyes

Tillfället har passerat.
Tekniska museet, Museivägen 7, Norra Djurgården.
Free of charge to all students. All you need is to show your Student ID at the entrance.

We welcome all college and university students to a maxed out evening filled with immersive games and live performances from music duo Femme Fatale Selection and DJ Brenda El Reyes. The evening is free of charge to all students from around the world.

Brenda El Rayes

Brenda El Rayes is a multitasker from the mountains of Lebanon who recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Music. As a producer, sound designer and sound engineer, is Brenda able to create sound and music based on her feelings and experiences. Everyone has a sound language and Brenda tries to find her own which is deeply rooted in orthodox church Arabic music mixed with western musical impulses.

Brenda El Rayes starts at 21.00 in Eventrummet 

Femme Fatale Selection is a Stockholm based, multitalented duo

Their unique halfbreed of afrobeats, pop, rnb, dancehall and Amapiano, really brings something new to the music scene. Their explosive live performances which include DJing, dancing and acrobatics is something to behold. The group will release both remixes and original material during 2023, working both internationally and within Sweden.

Femme Fatale Selection starts at 21.20 in Eventrummet 

Game retro tour and DJ Henky

Step in an immersive world that offers everything a gamer could wish for. Our exhibition, Play Beyond Play, is a 1,000 square metres of nostalgia, amusement and advanced digital technology that are brought together as we tell the story of Sweden’s computer game industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a guided tour from one of our talented explainers who will help you embark on a gaming journey.

Our VR-lab will be open from 19.00 – 20.45 where you can play games like Beats Saber and become a real life Jedi.

Dj Henky in the house

Starting out the evening is DJ Henky who will be playing from 19.00 – 21.00 at Eventroom (located next to the restaurant).

Senast uppdaterad 22 september 2023.