Menus for conferences and events

The concept for Tekniska restaurant is based on the future, innovation and sustainability. The basic idea is to use renewable resources, handle and cook the ingredients in a way that makes the most use of them and minimize food waste. The restaurant chooses seasonal ingredients and carefully selected protein sources, including fish, vegetarian or meat options (although no beef).  We choose products such as Rescue, a juice that is produced from windfall, as well as the eco soft drink Whole Earth, which is made at an organic brewery. If, against the odds, there are leftovers on your plate, they are handled and turned into biofuel through the city of Stockholm.

On this page, we describe the complete packages we have developed for our event and conference guests. You are always welcome to conduct a dialogue with the restaurant regarding any other requests you may have:

Gäster i Hackalabbet
We have created meal packages for conferences with breakfast, lunch and afternoon Swedish-FIKA for our event guests.
As a result of our policy for sustainability, are our lunch menues determined in regards to season and to our suppliers.
A pleasant alternative to a seated dinner is a standing mingle dinner. A perfect way to conclude your conference.
We offer several dishes that can be combined according to your wishes to create a tasty dining experience.
Book dinner in our wonderful restaurant environment after regular opening hours. The restaurant serves exciting and sustainable menus for our event guests.

Last updated 21 February 2024.