How we ensure your visit is safe

The museum is open. We have opened ccarefully, with the safety of our visitors and staff as our top priority.

Ett barn som ritat två personer som håller två meters avstånd

Pre-book your ticket

Tekniska museet covers an area of more than 10,000 m2, but to ensure that everyone in the museum will feel safe, we are only admitting a limited number of people every half-hour. All tickets must be bought online and in advance, and they are valid for a particular slot time. This means that:

  • Only pre-purchased tickets are valid, and you must book a time slot – either with an ‘admission ticket’ or an ‘admission slot’ – via our website.
  • The admission slot guarantees you a place inside the museum, and is valid for entry during a 30-minute period.
  • You can only book one time slot at any one time. Once the date has passed, you are welcome to book a new slot.

Plan your visit

To avoid overcrowding, we have also looked at what days and times are the most visited. Generally, Mondays are the least crowded days while Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the most crowded.

During lunchtime, between 11 – 13, it is usually least busy at the museum – especially on weekdays. Therefore, a weekday (except Fridays) during lunchtime is the least crowded time and date to visit us.

What have we done?

We have introduced a wide range of measures to ensure you can visit us safely, and we are working actively to minimise the risk of infection.

  • We have drastically reduced the maximum number of visitors allowed in the museum.
  • We urge our visitors to maintain a safe distance from each other, with the help of signs, visitor announcements and our on-site staff.
  • We adapt all our educational programme activities and guided tours to current regulations.
  • We have limitied the exhibition The Mine, in order to avoid overcrowding..
  • We have introduced separate walking lanes – by keeping to the left, visitors avoid coming face-to-face with each other. Signs and floor markings guide the visitors around the museum and encourage everyone to maintain a safe distance and avoid congestion.
  • We have reduced the total number of visitors allowed in the exhibitions, in the restaurant and in the museum shop. A queueing system will operate within the museum. The admission slot only applies to the time of entry into the museum.
  • We have increased the number of seats in our restaurant, and have ensured there is a greater distance between the tables. If the need arises, we are able to increase capacity by opening a connecting room.
  • We have removed all opportunities for payment by cash.
  • We have intensified our cleaning procedures.
  • We have removed our VR stations.
  • We have placed hand sanitising stations throughout the museum.

How can you help?

Anybody who experiences even the slightest symptoms must stay at home and not come to the museum. Take care to wash your hands often and carefully, and maintain a safe distance from others when visiting us. Make sure you follow the signs and floor markings in the museum, and listen to our members of staff who are helping to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you are not able to visit us in person, you can browse through all our digital material.

We can’t wait to see you again!

Last updated 7 December 2021.