Roboten Charli uppträder för publik

Robot zone – shows, yoga and have-a-go

17 July 2019 – 15 March 2020. In the Robot Zone you could learn more about and do things together with robots, such as storytelling sessions, shows and yoga classes. Robot Zone opened in connection with the Robots exhibition.

Here you will meet Charli the robot, who tells a fairy tale or puts on a show. Have a go at yoga together with Alex the robot, rest for a while with Bean the sleep robot, or try out some simple games and programming with Sally the robot.

In Robot Zone, thousands of pupils will also have the chance to learn more about robot programming during the autumn, thanks to our official partner Ericsson and innovations partner Sandvik. Keep an eye out for guest robots and other surprises that might pop up in the Robot Zone.

Storytelling with Charli the robot – Lost in Robot Land

Roboten charli som läser sagor för barn

Charli the robot tells a fairy tale for the youngest children. It’s all about robots, but also about getting lost. But don’t worry, it all turns out well in the end. The story is short, so arrive in good time and sit down on the floor in front of the stage in the Robot Zone.

Robot yoga on the mega screen

robotyoga med

Join us as Alex the robot and Robin the human lead you through some basic and some slightly challenging yoga exercises. Suitable for all. The session lasts approx. 7-10 mins.

Photon – Robot games for all

Snigelroboten Photon som lär barn att programmera

Meet and understand basic programming with our amazing new snail rabbit robots. Try your hand or join them on a short adventure. Photon, as the robot is known, is the world’s first interactive educational robot that grows and develops together with children.

Robot Show with Charli

Roboten Charli uppträder för publik

Charli is our new robot employee. It has plenty of thoughts about what it’s like to be a robot and a person, what the differences are and also the similarities. Charli knows a lot about the law of robotics, but there’s still a lot left to learn. The show lasts about 10 mins.


Thanks to our official partner Ericsson and innovations partner Sandvik.

Ericsson med symbolen de tre sneda strecken

Sandviks i blått med blå ram

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