Ett flyktingtält visas i utställningen

I’m alive

The exhibition I’m Alive includes interviews with refugees and their stories about how smartphones and the internet helped them during their dangerous, long journeys towards safety. The exhibition also showcases innovative initiatives that have helped refugees, of which mobile technology has often been an essential element.

In the exhibition you will meet – among others – Deema, Hanadi and Khalid, who share their experiences of the important roles their smartphones served when they were fleeing. In the VR experience “Clouds over Sidra” you will enter the everyday existence of refugees in the Zaatari camp in Jordan. In a digital visualisation using unique data, you can follow how refugee boats were piloted across the Mediterranean Sea using social media.

This project has been carried out in collaboration with, amongst others, Sverige för UNHCR, Better Shelter, Refugees Welcome Stockholm, Villa Victoria, Annah Björk, Mattias Beijmo and the Maritme Organisation for Following-up and Rescue.

The exhibition is on display 12 October 2016 – 20 August 2017.

Magdalena Tafvelin Heldner


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Last updated 15 February 2017.