Walk & talk by The National Museum of Science and Technology

The National Museum of Science and Technology is situated close to the city centre in scenic surroundings. Offering a unique context for meeting and events. Here you combine your meeting with inspiring and knowledge providing experiences in various interesting and exciting exhibitions. You can also easily add a feature of walk & talk to your program. The beautiful scenery at Djurgården and the walking paths by the canal, are just outside the door. The new bridge from Rosendal to The National Museum of Science and Technology allows for a perfect trail along the water. It is about two kilometers long and takes approximately 20 minutes to walk.
Research clearly shows how important physical movement is for our brain. For example, the book – The Real Happy Pill, How to train your brain to create happiness and a longer life – by author Anders Hansen, touches on exactly this topic. The book addresses the fact that it is scientifically proven that movement strengthens the brain in the following ways, for example:

  • Increased creativity.
  • A more efficient brain.
  • Better concentration.
  • Less stress, concern and anxiety.

Maximize the impact of your meeting by letting the participants work and discuss a question / task during a walk & talk, in order to easily and positively incorporate movement into the program.

Combine this physical activity with a visit to the exhibition MegaMind, which is the place where you explore and experiment with new smart ideas. Ideas are the answer to all questions and solution to all problems. But how do you get a good idea, and how can it become something real that more people can use? In MegaMind you explore through almost 50 stations how it works and how you can train your brain to become even more inventive. Paint with your eyes, control with thought power and shape in the air – here you can do things you didn’t think were possible.

Learn more about the exhibition MegaMind.
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Last updated 24 July 2023.