Explore our collections of objects, images and records. A lot of this material is quite unique. This section also presents our Research Council and research projects.

The National Museum of Science and Technology’s collections comprise a rich source of history for research into Sweden’s technological and industrial growth and development. Through documentation, collection and research, our collections are growing and with new knowledge being added. We are continuously adding new details about objects/artefacts, images, archival records and book in our collections.

We also collect new material from contemporary and historic industrial environments, and conduct interviews with people about production processes, working methods and technology. We often cooperate with other museums, institutions and companies. Our investigations are systematic and use a variety of methods. The results are published online, in exhibitions and in publications.

Since 2013, the Museum has been implementing a new five-year programme for documentation, collecting and exhibitions. Its aim is to develop closer ties between the Museum’s research arm and its activities for the general public.

Current research projects

Digital Models

Earlier research projects

The worlds of computer games
From Computing Machines to IT

The National Museum of Science and Technology’s Research Council

The Museum collaborates with universities and other higher education institutions as well as individual researchers in the major documentation and exhibition projects we conduct. The Museum also has a Research Council with representatives from universities and higher education institutions from all over Sweden.

The Research Council provides expertise for our operations, functions as our scientific advisory body, and constitutes an important interface with other researchers at Sweden’s universities and higher education institutions.

Members of the Research Council

  • Peter Parnes (Chair), Professor at Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering, Luleå University of Technology
  • Anna Sparrman, Professor at tema Child Studies, Linköping University
  • Beatrice Crona, associate Professor, Stockholm University and The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
  • Finn Arne Jørgensen, Associate Professor in the History of Technology and Environment at the Department of Historical, Philosophical, and Religious Studies at Umeå University
  • Jenny Sundén, Professor of Gender Studies at Södertörn University
  • Mats Fridlund, Professor in Industrial History, Aalto University School of Engineering, Helsinki
  • Peter Skogh, Museum Director, National Museum of Science and Technology
  • Åsa Marnell, Head of Department of Knowledge and Collections, National Museum of Science and Technology
  • Peter Du Rietz (Secretary), Curator, National Museum of Science and Technology

Last updated 7 December 2021.