Blériot XI flies again

The 100th anniversary of flight in Sweden reached its peak with the Stockholm Festival of Flight in August 2010. Tekniska museet’s newly restored Blériot XI flew no less than four times during the two-day event. Thousands of spectators watched enthralled as the hundred year-old aircraft took-off and landed from a specially prepared strip at The Royal Park.

A unique historical re-enactment

Stockholms Royal Park is the birthplace of Swedish aviation and was the natural venue for the centenial festival: The very first public air show in Sweden’s history took place on exactly the same spot in 1910. Here Tekniska museet re-enacted aviation history with its painstakingly restored Blériot XI: The same 1910 model that was flown by Swedish pioneers such as legendary Carl Cederström.

Last updated 7 December 2021.