Borrowing from our collections

The National Museum of Science and Technology is happy to lend objects which are not currently being exhibited. However, special conditions apply, which you can read more about here. Due to the pandemic, the museum is currently unable to lend objects from our collections. A new decision on this will be made at the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023. We will continuously update this page with information. Thank you for your patience.

Loans are granted to institutions that can guarantee compliance with our conditions for lending. Loans are not granted to private individuals. We do not loan out original photographs or objects for use as props.

Conditions for loan – collections (331,22 KB)

The borrower is responsible for insuring the object (comprehensive insurance) throughout the period of the loan, to the insured value specified by the National Museum of Science and Technology. A copy of the insurance certificate must be sent to us in good time. Until we have received it, we cannot release the object into the borrower’s possession.

An administrative fee is charged at the time of the loan (any costs for special packaging, major conservation work, courier charges, etc., are additional). For loans within Sweden, the fee charged is SEK 1000 per object, and for international loans, SEK 2000 per object. In the event of an extension of a loan, after two years an administrative fee of SEK 1000 is charged per borrowed object and year, regardless of the number of objects borrowed. If you wish to extend a loan, you are kindly requested to submit a new application in good time before the expiry of the current loan period.

More information about the National Museum of Science and Technology’s collections can be found at DigitaltMuseum, where you can also download high resolution images of objects which may be used freely. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can order a photo shoot (link to Order images).

Instructions for loan applications

We need a written application for the loan no later than three months before the intended loan period. For applications received in June and December, this period is four months instead.

Forward your application to, entering “Loan” in the subject field. Or post your application to: National Museum of Science and Technology, Attention: Anna-Karin Stål, Box 27842, SE-115 93 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN

The application must contain the following information:

  • The applicant institution or organisation with invoicing address and organisation registration number
  • Contact person with details (position, mobile phone number and e-mail address)
  • Purpose of the exhibition and exhibition period.
  • Object with ID number and description
  • Requested loan period
  • How the institution intends to exhibit the object/objects with regard to contact protection, climate (relative humidity, temperature and light conditions), theft and fire protection
  • How the National Museum of Science and Technology will be acknowledged in the exhibition.


Contact us on: or + 46 8 450 5716.

Last updated 22 August 2022.