VR-äventyr tillsammans med kollegor

Dinner with Virtual Reality as your starter

Bring your colleagues, customers or partners for a fun night at Tekniska museet. Together with Mission X and our restaurant, we can create an unforgettable dinner and adventures in amazing virtual worlds.

This activity is currently not available, due to the pandemic

Mission IX offers a wide range of VR adventures during the evening, guaranteeing both variety and challenges. Throw yourself into a breathtaking downhill skiing race, battle with a lightsaber or fight your way through a zombie apocalypse. In the meantime, we will be serving drinks and popcorn (with exciting flavours).

Duration: up to 90 minutes

The technology that is used to teleport you and your colleagues to different virtual worlds is the best on the market, HTC Vive. Mission IX has experienced and helpful guides on hand who will guide you safely through your VR experiences. Examples of VR experiences:

Richie’s Plank Experience

Are you afraid of heights? Then here’s a chance to push your limits, as you approach the edge of the ledge and have to balance out on a plank, where the slightest misstep could result in you plunging down into the abyss.

Beat Saber

Do you have rhythm in your blood and good control over your coordination? Then this is the world for you. Use your body and your lightsaber to cut and duck your way through a rhythmic song with the wonderful Wibe.

The Blue

Dive down into the beauty of the sea. Experience fish, coral reefs and perhaps even a close encounter with the largest creature in the ocean, a whale.

Job Simulator

In a future world where robots do all our jobs, people work in VR for fun. In this humorous escapade, you can try out various professions such as chef, car mechanic or office worker. The experience usually takes a little more time per person for those who enjoy working.

Enjoy a tasty meal

When you have finished with the virtual worlds, our KRAV-certified restaurant, Tekniska by Pontus, takes over the helm. They offer a tasty menu that is consistent with the restaurant’s concept – future, innovation and sustainability.

Here you can enjoy a table buffet, where you choose a starter and a main course (the same for your entire party). We are happy to cater for special dietary requirements.

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  • Tomatoes, peas, lovage and salmon
  • Brussels sprouts, rye bread and goat’s cheese
  • Chanterelles, vinegar, pointed cabbage and wood-fired game

Main courses

  • Carrots, grilled onion and oyster mushrooms with duck breast
  • Chanterelles, broccoli, fennel with saddle of lamb
  • Pumpkin, kale, almond, sage with halibut
  • Pointed cabbage, peas, tomatoes and lovage with char
  • Cauliflower, buckwheat, courgette, truffles and farm-fresh eggs with goat’s cheese
  • Jerusalem artichoke, beet and Brussels sprouts with celeriac

Practical information about the events package

  • Number: 50–80 people (50 is the minimum)
  • Duration of VR activity: up to 90 minutes (four VR stations in Eventrummet)
  • 1 glass of sparkling (non-alcoholic option available) and flavoured popcorn served during the VR activity
  • Dinner: Table buffet consisting of starter and main course, two units of beverage per person (beer, wine or non-alcoholic) and coffee.
  • The restaurant can offer a pay-bar (pre-booked)


18.15 Arrival at the National Museum of Science and Technology and entrance via the restaurant.
18.30 Start of the activity in Eventrummet, which will last for up to 90 min.
20.00 The activity is completed and dinner starts in Eventrummet.
22.30 The dinner is completed.
23.00 The premises close.


SEK 1,650 excl. VAT per person (50–64 people)
SEK 1,550 excl. VAT per person (65–80 people)

Christmas special

Christmas special incl. Christmas dinner and beverage package (1 mulled wine, 2 units of beer/wine or non-alcoholic option and coffee).

  • SEK 1,750 excl. VAT per person (50–64 people)
  • SEK 1,650 excl. VAT per person (65–80 people)

Special offer – Start your evening in the Play Beyond Play game exhibition

Två personer omsluts av dataspelsprojektioner

Start your evening in Play Beyond Play – a total experience including gaming stations and imaginative gaming environments. We have created an experience where you can not only try out your favourite games and explore the history of games, but also step into and allow yourself to be immersed

  • Book the exhibition in conjunction with the VR package for the special price of SEK 190 + VAT per person.
  • Time: 17:15–18:15

Read more about Play Beyond Play

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Last updated 7 December 2021.