Hand-coloured photograph, sciopticon slide. Grotte du glaciér inférieur de Grindelwald, Suisse. Image by unknown, 1880.


A picture can say more than a thousand words! The National Museum of Science and Technology’s image collections contain over 1 million images reflecting technological development and the rise of the industrial age with a particular focus on Sweden.

The archives and library are open for pre-booked visits. Contact us on samlingsinfo@tekniskamuseet.se or 08 450 57 08.

Regular information

In our image collections, you can explore how power plant navvies lived when they built power plants in northern Sweden, the work of telephonists in the 1920s, what it was like to work down a mine and much more. Or why not head off on a journey into Europe around the turn of last century.

Our collections include photo collections pertaining to big manufacturing industries but also collections from individual photographers. You can see photos of cars, bicycles, buildings, inventions, the great world expositions, workers, telecommunications history, and much more. We also have a large collection of images from the Museum’s own activities.

We are in the process of digitising our image collections. You are welcome to search in our digitised image collections via DigitaltMuseum. If you have any questions or need help finding an image, feel free to contact us.


Contact us on: samlingsinfo@tekniskamuseet.se or + 46 8 450 5716.

Last updated 22 February 2021.