Railway workers at the Laktajokk gravel pit. Photographer: Borg Mesh 1902.

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The National Museum of Science and Technology’s image collections include over 1 million images and negatives from around 1850 onwards. This section describes how you can download images yourself and how to order images.

Due to the Corona pandemic and short-time working we have temporarily closed our external service regarding our collections until further notice. Thank you for your understanding!

Regular information

We strive to publish material online and make it available for use as generously and freely as possible. Provided that there are no copyright obstacles, the material is free to use. If you have any questions about our images, need help with research, or would like an image in a higher resolution, you are most welcome to contact us.

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We are working on making our our image, object and archive collections more accessible. At DigitaltMuseum, you can download images in high resolution JPEG format. Not all images have been processed (retouched or aligned for example) to ensure the best match to the analogue original. We also have images that you cannot yet search for online. Contact us and we will be happy to help you search further in the Museum’s collections.

Images to order

If you want to order an image that is not available on DigitaltMuseum, or you would like an image in a higher resolution, you are welcome to contact us.

Contact us directly on: +46 8-450 57 58 | Switchboard: +46 8-450 56 00

Our images and copyright

All material with expired copyright is marked Public Domain and copyrighted materials are marked with as free a Creative Commons license as possible. In exceptional cases the © (copyright) symbol is used for material with fully asserted copyright.

The National Museum of Science and Technology’s collections are also made available through other channels such as Europeana, Flickr, Kringla, K-Samsök and Wikimedia Commons.

We follow the legislation applicable to copyright and Sweden’s Personal Data Act.


Margareta Sundberg

Image Assistant

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Last updated 13 August 2020.