How we handle the Covid-19 situation

We are open

The museum is open.

We look forward to welcoming visitors to all our exciting exhibitions – including Moving to MarsAnthropocene and Hyper Human.

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How we work to make your visit safe

We have taken great measures to make visits to the museum as safe as possible, and we work actively to prevent the spread of infection.

  • We have reduced the maximum number of visitors to the museum.
  • We urge our visitors to keep distance via signs, speakers and staff on site.
  • We adapt all program activities and all showings to current regulations.
  • We have increased the amount of seats in our restaurant – and increased the distance between tables – by, if necessary, opening another adjoining room.
  • We have limited the number of visitors in the store to 10 people at a time and 50 people in the obstacle course in MegaMind.
  • We have removed all cash handling.
  • We have expanded our cleaning routines.
  • We have removed our VR stations.
  • We have stations with desinfectants around the museum.

We continue to follow guidelines from the The Public Health Agency of Sweden and we monitor the development of Covid-19 continuously.

Anyone who has the slightest symptoms should not come to the museum. Stay at home.

If you are unable to visit us on site, feel free to check out all our digital material available here.

Try robot yoga from home

Many of us are spending more time at home, due to the corona virus. It’s important to remain active – so why not do it together with our robot Alex?

The class is 7 minutes long and consists of some easier and some more challenging yoga poses.

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Our popular store is open again. So is also our web shop. Here you will find a selection of exciting and unique products. Something for all ages at various price levels.

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If you have general questions about Covid-19, we refer to The Public Health Agency’s website, where they answer frequently asked questions.

If you have questions that regard The National Museum of Science and Technology specifically, please us an email on

Last updated 7 December 2021.