Facts about Toy Tech 2.0

Would you like to hire the touring exhibition Toy Tech 2.0? Here are the basic facts about the exhibition.

Surface area

100 – 200 m2.

Marketing materials

Digital images for the grand opening and advertising are included.

Stands and technology

The organiser is responsible for tables, chairs and lighting and the materials for the workshop. Some stations require an electric power point. The others do not have any special technical requirements.


Exhibit texts and instructions for building activities in Swedish and English are included.


The organiser is responsible for setting up the exhibition. Estimated time: 2 – 3 days. The National Museum of Science and Technology assists with the setting up.

Hire cost

Depends on the period. The basic price for three months is SEK 60,000.

An additional SEK 10,000 for Ed Sobey’s participation in setting up the exhibition and training staff.


The hire cost includes training staff to run the workshop.


Organisers are responsible for the exhibition being insured during the exhibition period to a value of SEK 150,000.


Transport costs are additional.

Information and booking

For more information and to book the exhibition, please contact Nils Olander:

National Museum of Science and Technology, nils.olander[at]tekniskamuseet.se, +46(0)8-450 56 80

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Last updated 7 December 2021.