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Diderot’s encyclopaedia, 1751-1765. Photographer: Truls Nord, National Museum of Science and Technology


The National Museum of Science and Technology’s Library is a reference library containing around 50,000 books and more than 500 different periodicals in the fields of technology, industrial history and the natural sciences.

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The material covers the period from the 17th century onwards and has been gradually acquired since 1924 when the Museum was founded. The first major contribution was Carl Sahlin’s mining history collection, which was donated in 1933.

The Library contains material on the forestry and paper industries, civil engineering, the mining industry, mines, space, innovations, motor vehicles, flight and the history of corporations. Since 2004, the Library’s collections also contain books on the history of telecommunications and periodicals from the former Telecommunications Museum.

Approximately 25 per cent of our books and periodicals are searchable in the Library’s database. You can search for the remainder on-site in the reading room’s card catalogue. You can also perform searches in our Library collections online.

Since we are a reference library, we do not offer any loans of any kind outside of the building.




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Last updated 15 January 2024.