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Pojke tittar ut från en gammal telefonkiosk i utställningen Subject: Hello.
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Subject: Hello

Experience a rich and interactive exhibition where the present is linked together with both the past and the future, where visitors are guided through a network that encompasses the telegraph, early mobile phones and systems for self-driving cars.

From the optical telegraph to today’s connected society

“Subject: Hello” was what appeared in the subject line of the first email message ever opened in Sweden. The year was 1983, when the idea of sending messages via the internet was completely new, although communicating over long distances was definitely not.

The exhibition is based upon our most everyday technology – the mobile phone, and a connected world that we have become accustomed to always having in our pockets. With more than 600 objects taken from our own collections, you can explore how communication technology works and how it has developed – from 200-year-old binary systems for the optical telegraph, to the superfast connections of tomorrow for people, robots, cars and other smart devices. The theme of the exhibition is to present four different but fundamental functions for how we communicate today, by talking, sharing, texting and facetiming. Interactive exhibitions allow devices from different time periods to connect in order to send messages to each other.

Subject: Hello is an interactive exhibition that takes the visitor on a journey through history, from the past, through to the present and into the future. Learn how invention and innovation have resolved the challenges of the past, and discover how people have made use of technology to communicate over the past 200 years.

Secrets of technology – explore a treasure hunt through time

Solve a series of tricky mysteries, puzzles and clues to unlock the treasure chest. Secrets of technology is a fun adventure that requires both brainwork and teamwork. The answers are hidden among the innovations on the shelves. Do you have what it takes to unlock the chest?

Last updated 31 March 2023.