Why The Forest?

Grön skoga och närbild på träd i dagsljus.

At the heart of the forest, a new exhibition and experience is currently growing – one that explores the fascinating history of our forests, their role in today’s society and their importance to our collective futures. A forest is more than just trees and greenery; it is an arena in which political, economic, ecological and philosophical discussions have been conducted for centuries.

Our ambition for the exhibition is not to provide any concrete answers but to broaden the debate, to ask questions and to open up for a diverse range of perspectives. The National Museum of Science and Technology welcomes forest owners, researchers, activists and dreamers to discuss the significance and the influence of the forest.

Foto: dhoxax

Närbild på bark

We want to create a platform for dialogue and reflection. This is built upon a recognition of the complexity of the forest and its many values – from its biodiversity to its cultural significance and its role as a resource.

Regarding the question of the forest’s ability to continue to meet our needs, there is no clear answer, but the exhibition aims to raise awareness about issues concerning consumption, our relationship with the natural world and how the forest is to be used in the future.

Foto: Aitor Lamadrid