Bild på en del av utställningen Hyper Human
The Hyper Human exhibition.

Tekniska is closed

The museum is temporarily closed from October 30th, due to the situation with Covid-19 and the new recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden.

It is important that we all contribute to stopping the spread of the virus. Hopefully, we can soon open again.

Those who have annual memberships with us will get time added to the validity period of the card. The same amount of days we stay closed will get added to the membership.

Support the museum

Just like for many others, the corona situation poses big challenges for the The National Museum of Science and Technology, because a large part of our business is funded by entrance fees.

To become an annual member is the best way to support us – and at the same time get a full year of fun for you and your family.

If you feel that you want to support the museum via Swish, you are welcome to contribute with an amount of choice.

Important! Mark the payment Stöd Tekniska.

Swish: 123 068 18 33

Last updated 26 November 2020.