Två personer står ute på fält och skjuter upp en vattenraket

Summer activities for the whole family

The summer holidays are finally here! Every day at the National Museum of Science and Technology we will be conducting a variety of experiments and soldering. You also have a whole centre of discovery available to you and your family, with something for visitors of all ages. Here we present just some of the exciting things you can do with us during the summer.

We’ll be outdoors doing experiments and soldering when the weather allows us to, or at least one experiment will take place indoors. The actual experiments will be decided on a day-to-day basis and announced via our loudspeakers.

Summer Programme 3 July – 6 August

Experiment more – demonstrations and workshops

Volontär löder robotar med barn

When the weather allows, our inventive guides will lead you on an outdoor adventure. Different things will be happening every day – you could, for example, make bottle rockets, learn how electricity works, make gigantic soap bubbles, or try to use soldering to make a robot that blinks. If the weather isn’t so good, we have an exciting electrical experiment we can do indoors.

Our guides will announce which experiments will be conducted at which times (between 12 noon to 4pm) using the museum’s loudspeaker system.

Augmented reality – walk with dinosaurs

Barn möter dinosaurie på en stor digital skärm

On the digital stage within the 100 Innovations exhibition, there are dinosaurs and astronauts wandering around. You might not see them at first but, on a giant projected mirror image, you might suddenly find yourself face to face with a Tyrannosaurus or be joined by an astronaut on a gravity-defying walk.

Digital Art Stage in 100 Innovations, on the entrance level.

The Climbing Game – play a video game using your whole body

Barn spelar dataspel på en interaktiv klättervägg

Gaming is great fun, but sometimes you can be sitting down for far too long. Here, you can play video games using your entire body. How about, for example, the classic video game Pong, where you bounce a ball between each other across the entire climbing wall. Or perhaps you’d prefer Whack-a-Bat, where you have to chase small figures that appear in different places on the climbing wall and catch them as quickly as possible.

By the obstacle course in MegaMind, on the entrance level.

Pentathlon in Winter Games

Barn och två vuxna testar skidskytte

Compete against the family in five different activities in a pentathlon in Winter Games – the adrenaline-filled exhibition which buzzes with activity. Here you can also test out more than 20 different winter sports and find out more about what it takes to succeed in the various disciplines.

Winter Games is located on levels 3 and 4.


Pojke kikar fram bakom spegeglpelare

MegaMind is the place where you experiment your way to new smart ideas. But how do you come up with a good idea? In MegaMind, you explore how it all works and how you can train your brain to become even more creative. Paint with your eyes, make virtual sculptures or create music using the power of thought – and other things you didn’t think were possible!

Learn more about MegaMind

The Mine

Explore one of our most popular exhibitions – The Mine, that has recently been undergoing a major makeover. There are many new and exciting things to experience as you follow the old mining tracks, and we’ve also added a brand-new area featuring modern mining environments. Test out simulators, games, explosives and powerful machines.

The Mine is located on the entrance level.

More fun at the museum

Last updated 3 July 2017.