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Forskaren – life science in Hagastaden

The new Hagastaden district that is currently emerging in Stockholm is becoming the focal point for some of the world’s most eminent figures in the field of life science. At the hub of this cluster is the Forskaren urban block, which represents a meeting place where academia, industry, research and the public can come together. It is a collaboration between Tekniska Museet, Karolinska Institutet and the property management company Vectura Fastigheter.

The development of new technology and innovations is taking place at a faster pace than ever before – not least of which within the field of life science, which addresses the most central questions of life. From the outside, this can appear to be extremely hard to understand, and the less we understand, the more frightening we often find things. This is why we need more windows into the world of research, innovation and development

Explore, discover and take part

On Forskaren’s entrance floor, Tekniska Museet is joining with Karolinska Institutet to provide exhibitions, labs and meetings with key figures within the field of life science. On weekdays, the site will be a resource for school students and teachers, whilst in the evenings and at weekends it will host a range of events, from interesting discussions to creative musical and artistic experiences connected to the subject. The objective is to stimulate more people’s interest and desire to learn more, and to inspire more young people to choose to pursue a career within life science – particularly among groups that are currently under-represented in education in this field.

This is not just a window to peer through, it is an open door where you will be invited to explore, discover and participate in the development of the life science of tomorrow.

For almost 100 years, Tekniska Museet has been working to facilitate the understanding of complex topics, by providing new perspectives and creating engaging experiences in the field of science.


Thanks to Vectura, official partner to Forskaren.

Last updated 29 December 2022.