Tekniska museets studio för bokning av digitala event.

The studio

Take your digital event to the National Museum of Science and Technology (Tekniska) for a setting that exudes creativity, innovation and sustainability. Highly current and interesting exhibitions can be a part of your event, by bringing your participants to a digital viewing.

In our studio, you can create meetings and events digitally – without having to physically gather a large number of people. In addition to being an innovative conference format, a digital event also gives you the opportunity to create an event that lasts longer than the actual meeting date, through recording.

We offer a functional studio with access to basic technology and furniture. When you rent our studio, a staff from Tekniska is included, who is responsible for the existing technique set up in the room.

Technique in the Studio

  • 1 x Tricaster mini 4K (with multiple inputs NDI/HDMI)
  • 2 x Panasonic video cameras AGAC160AJ (AVCDHD) with manfrotto tripod on wheels (also with HDMI/SDI out).
  • 1 x 65” built-in monitor for video segments/logo on movable wooden case, behind the presenter.
  • 1 12-channels mixing desk with EQ in the control room
  • 4 x directional table microphones (2 on each table)
  • 2 x directional ambient microphones
  • 2 x clip on microphones (with cable)
  • 3 x units for communication with cameraman via intercom (cable) from the control room.
  • Dimmable studio lighting ARRI, adjusted from the control room.
  • 4 x dimmable and controllable fresnel lights (halogen).
  • 1 x Lightboard (Control console) DMX, in the control room
  • 2 x WIFI networks, one open and one password protected.
  • 1 x cable connected network from the Tricaster, for streaming (max. 1Gbit/s).
  • 2 x mobile standing tables
  • 1 x mobile Studio scenery with built in monitor 65” (can only be moved in depth)

The Studio Technical specification


Full day, 09.00–17.00: SEK 16,000 (plus VAT)

Half day, 13.00 – 17.00: SEK 11,900 (plus VAT)

Pricing for other hours on request.

The price includes existing furniture, technique and one staff responsible for the existing technique set up. There is an additional cost for the need for extra technicians.

VAT will be added.

Please note that on request, a studio can also be created in one of our other premises or areas together with external AV technology partners. Please contact eventbokning@tekniskamuseet.se for more information.

Tre goa och glada eventvärdar från Tekniska


If you have any questions about events, just contact Annika or Kristina at eventbokning@tekniskamuseet.se or 08-450 56 73.

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Last updated 24 July 2023.