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From Computing Machines to IT

How were the first computers used? In what ways did people´s working conditions change once computers started to be used in workplaces throughout Sweden? How was the new computer technology applied in different areas in society in the period 1950-1980, and what were the effects of computer usage?

We hope to make it easier for researchers, students and visitors alike to find some of the answers to these and many more questions at the National Museum of Science and Technology in the future.

About the project

The Museum is part of a project whose purpose is to document Sweden´s computer history and how our society came to be digitalized.Through interviews, the collection of people´s memories, testimonial seminars and the collection of other materials, we aim to create a knowledge base on Sweden´s computer history at the Museum. Our aim is also to make this material available on the Museum´s website as far as possible.

This is a joint project between the National Museum of Science and Technology, the Swedish Computer Society and the Department of History of Science and Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.The Swedish Computer Society is responsible for managing the project and is also contributing its nation-wide network of IT veterans, while the Royal Institute of Technology is responsible for the planning and implementation of the documentation processes, and scientific quality assurance.

Project funding

The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs has granted access funding for the project, which has made it possible for the Museum to employ four graduates to work on the documentation of the Museum´s existing computer history collections, and to document the material that the Museum acquires during work on the project.

The project´s other financiers are the Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Memorial Fund and the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation, who together have contributed SEK 6.6 million for the project. These funds will be used mainly for holding testimonial seminars, interviews and knowledge overviews.

The project is divided into focus groups who will document how IT has been used in various fields and areas within the community.

For more information, please contact Peter Du Rietz

Senast uppdaterad: 2009-11-24

Final report

You can download the final report on the project From Computing Machines to IT.

Download reportPDF (pdf, 661.1 kB)

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